and tourist activities


 Recreational and tourist activities

For sportsmen

  • In addition to swimming you can measure yourself with windsurfing, catamaran, sailing and water-skiing that you will practise in a clear and clean waters.
    Fantastic seabed for underwater diving.

  • Mountainbike
    Fantastic itineraries for mountainbiking enthusiasts.

  • Paragliding
    Per chi ama volare incredibili lanci con il parapendio e il deltaplano.

  • Tennis
    There are several possibilities offered by Spotorno and surroundings to practise this sport, fields specialized also for courses and tennis lessons.

  • Trekking on horseback
    Liguria is wonderful for practicing this sport and discovering enchanting panoramas.

  • Golf
    Golf course with 18 holes.


  • Le Caravelle Water-Park (Ceriale)
    A water park of pure fun for the whole family.

  • Caves of Toirano and Borgio Verezzi
    They represent the most important speleo-touristic itinerary in Italy, not only for the extraordinary succession of salons, corridors and ponds, but also for the cemetery of the Bears and the traces of the prehistoric hunters about 12,000 years ago.
    Open all year round.

  • Archeological Museum of Savona in the Priamar fortress
    A striking integration between museum space and archaeological area.

  • Museum of Glass and Art of Glass
    It collects a wealth of more than 2000 pieces including artistic objects, tools and shapes for the craftsmanship of glass, vitreous objects for pharmaceutical use.

  • Whale Watch
    Excursions with the M/N Corsaro from Imperia Porto Maurizio

  • Aquarium of Genoa
    It is the largest aquarium in Italy at only 40 minutes by car.

  • Old Town of Noli a few minutes, reachable also on foot.
    Finalborgo, a well-known medieval village.
    Old Town of Albenga.


  • Religious architectures

    • Parish Church of the Santissima Annunziata, in the historical centre, reconsecrated in 1694, preserves many fine artistic works dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Among these stands the reed organ, by Filippo Piccaluga, dated 1772, recently restored by Graziano Interbartolo.

    • Oratory of the SS. Annunziata, seat of the homonymous brotherhood, probably of the mid-seventeenth century, preserves paintings by Giulio Benso and still by Domenico Piola and Giovanni Battista Merano and many former sailors ' votes.

    • Oratory of Santa Caterina, already home of the Beaten’s brotherhood, located on the top of Park Monticello.

  • Military architecture

    • The village of Spotorno was endowed, as well as other neighboring villages, of a good defensive system thanks to the presence in the territory of a local castle-whose first plant would be up to the XII century, while the modern quadrangular structure would come back to the sixteenth century-and of some watchtowers.

    • The sighting stations were built by the Republic of Genoa during the sixteenth century, including those of Sant'Antonio (to Levante) and of Coreallo (to the west),
      for a greater control of the mountainous territory and especially of the coast to avert the more and more frequent incursions of Saracen pirates. 

  • Natural areas

    • Between the municipal territories of Spotorno, Bergeggi, Noli, Quiliano, Vado Ligure and Vezzi Portio is present and preserved a site of community interest, proposed by the Natura 2000 network of Liguria, for it’s particular natural, faunistic and geological interest. The site is located in the wooded area between Mount Mao, Rocca dei Horns and Mount Mortou in which they insist Mediterranean scrub grassy areas and agricultural cultivations. In addition to some beech woods, cork trees and flaps of calluneto (Calluna vulgaris), the presence of the bellflower of Savona (Bellflower Sabatia), the Bindweed di Savona (Convolvulus sabatius) and the cornflower in Pigna (Leuzea Conifera) are reported, the latter at risk of Extinction in the spontaneous state.
      Among the animal species the amphibians the Pelodite (Pelodytes punctatus)-very rare-and the cave Salamander (Speleomantes strinatii).

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